Thursday, March 26, 2009

Missing Miami

It's been so dam nutty around here the last few weeks (and I'm not even going to Miami!) that I couldn't get it together to pull off a brand spankin' new mix with hot off the press trax, but... fear not. This mix somehow ended up on my iPod (that's right, I still don't have an iPhone) a few weeks ago and surprised me how good these tracks sound. Pretty much songs that got propper punnishings over Summer 2006 into Winter 2007. Kicks off with some earlier Movim releases from 05 that still stand out and hold up really really really well.

Download Mix

Freddy Montanez feat Jessica Lynn - Vegas Nights (Audio Soul Project rerub)[Movim]
Explicit Theory - Touch Yr Body [Movim]
Kinky Movement - Closer [Drop]
012 - Goin' to a Show (LCG)[Lawnchair Generals Music]
Gavin Boyce - Buttered Up [Chillin Music]
JT Donaldson - Just Bounce [Hudd Trax]
Troydon - City Slummin' (Greenskeepers Slum Cat mix) [Greenskeeper Music]
Slater Hogan & John Larner - Flip the Track [Nightshift]
Littlemen - Lock the Bank [Nightshift]
Greenskeepers - Feel It [Jamayka]
Leon Louder - Do It Again [Control]
Frequent Fliers - Selfish [Jackin' Tracks]
Homero Espinosa - Can You Feel Me [Control]
Trademarq (??)
Kinky Movement - Getting There (Inland Knights)[Tango]
Terrence Parker - Your Love [Papercuts]

However.. if any of you find yourselves in Miami this Friday, March 27, our "Ask Somebody!" crew have got the most insane lineup, and it's FREE.

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