Monday, March 2, 2009

Demarkus Lewis Misbelievin' EP

With a fresh new release on Artizan Music, it seems like a fine time to plug both Demarkus & Artizan. Demarkus is prolific without a doubt, and we're lucky he is. I've yet to find a release that disappoints, and he most definitely delivers with the Misbelievin' EP in his tradmark deep heavenly slices that he does so dam well. Artizan lablemates Jafar & Touch, and Tim Split join in the fun kicking things up a notch but keeping it deep. Digitals aren't available for another month or so, but you can get a jump on things by nabbing the limited vinyl! While you're there, I highly recommend checking Artizan's back catalog. With only 7 releases to their name, with the likes of Rithma, Jafar, Poussez (Jafar and Maxime Cescau), among others, they're really showing some smart thinkin in thier A&R. The home of the new deep...

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