Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get up ya gotta get up ya gotta get down..

[Image: Busy P + Xavier De Rosnay @ Webster Hall, February 2009. thefriendattack.com]

I should just call this one "Stacy Kidd Promo Mix" since I got a little carried away laying em on this one. His set of two new releases, "Predictable" & "Unpredictable" with total of some 22 tracks, some straight up reissues, and some reworkings, and some brand spankin' new, just hit the stores earlier this month. Perfect timing too, cause there's nothing like Stacy Kidd to brighten the dead days of Winter! We kick this off with the Jeno's genius rework of Rocket's "People." My apologies there were some issues with the levels early on.. but got that sorted pretty quickly.

Rocket - People (Jeno's Stormy Weather Mix)[Grayhound]
Joshua - Watch Da Bass [NRK]
Paul Johnson - Bless It [Undaground Therapy Muzik]
Stacy Kidd - F4 [Odds & Ends]
Stacy Kidd - Midwest Storm [Chestnut Ave Recordings]
Paul Johnson - She's so Smooth [Dust Traxx]
Stacy Kidd - Disco Bug (feat.DJ Pierre) [House 4 Life]
Jully Black - Sweat of Your Brow (Jason Hodges) [Aroma]
Kenlou - Moonshine [MAW]
Gant Garrard - You Gotta Get Up [Dust Traxx]
MN2S - Things We Used to Do [Milk n 2 Sugars]
Stacy Kidd - Do What you Feel [House 4 Life]
Stacy Kidd - Dancefloor(feat Tai Davis)[House 4 Life]
Blakkat - Ride the Snake (Magik J)[Shaboom]
Chuck Daniels - Old Time Jazz [Phobic]
Toronto Track Co. - A Word from Mr. Prince [TTC]
Milk & Honey - You Me & The Music (The Scumfrog)[Wave]

[image: Paul Johnson]

[image: Stacy Kidd livin large. from Stacy's myspace]

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