Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 21st mix

[photo: Dave Beeman]

[Our family! photo: DJ BFF]


This one's got some serious ca. 2000 vibe. Shouts to Jamie for hookin' us up with the Paul Johnson "Time of Love" ... one of those tracks that make you so giddy & happy you can't help but squirm. Very early Asad Risvi with Tom Gillieron as the Southern Comforters, and an early Alan Braxe remix venture on the Falling in love track.. yummmy

Sasse - 1997 [Aesoteric]
Nicolas Vallée - New New York [Mangusta]
BOC Productions - Fall In Love (Alan Braxe)[Chez]
Leon Louder - Trapped Groove [Kinjo]
Bobby & Klein - I Want Sax [Guesthouse]
Paul Johnson - time of love [Peace Frog]
Toka Project - Think [Silver Network]
Kinky Joe - Next to You [DIY]
Toka Project - Soul Goo [Drop]
The Littlemen - Stoned (Inland Knights)[MobileTrax]
Tera Deva - Fresh Start (Joshua)[NRK ReMasters]
Fish Go Deep - ESL [Ork]
Chez Damier - Revive Us (The Tweak)[Revival]
Pound Boys - Jack it Up Pt. 2 (Johnny Corporate)[Look at You]
Southern Comforters - Quick, Call the King [Reverberations]
Wackside - I'll Get Over You [Polydor]
Club Session - Don't Move (Jon's Distant Vocal Remix) [Chez]
Martin Venetjoki - Really Don't Stop [Dust Traxx]

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